Coca-Cola Addiction


Coca-Cola Addiction – The truth is yes you can be addicted to coke i am living proof and this is a real story about me and my history od drinking coke.


The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy responds to a worrying rise in

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We have successfully treated a wide range of problem behaviours over many years, ranging from cocaine to gambling. We would not usually class smoking or weight loss as an addiction/ problem behaviour. Paul White was Chairman of the National Council …
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Comedian Stephen Carlin tells how his gambling addiction inspired his

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Comedian Stephen Carlin tells how his gambling addiction inspired his Edinburgh Fringe show. Brian Beacom. Senior Features Writer. Friday 19 July 2013. STAND-up comedians often stand or fall depending on their ability to mine every seam of personal …
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Sugar, Sugar…

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Proven to be more addictive than cocaine, a closer look at Sugar may help to explain America's rise in obesity, diabetes and the new focus on food addiction. A 2007 study (Lenoir, Serre, Cantin, Ahmed), found that intense sweetness surpasses cocaine …
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14 Responses to Coca-Cola Addiction

  • jcardenas406 says:

    Fuck u mike? the pro grammar hd

  • EllaAimee Stockwell says:

    I’m addicted to diet coke/pepso :/ I have an eating disorder and it’s basically all I consume, it’s given me a? stomach ulcer aswell 🙁

  • Cybot1911 says:

    I’ve been addicted to it for 2 years, drank 2 liters a day, you know how much sugar that is? That’s 7 ounces a day which comes to just under a pound every 2 days.? 2 years taking that much sugar a day, just imagine how big the pile is. I have had to quit because I had signs of diabetes coming just around the corner. I’ve been off for 3 days now, you should really stop, seriously, I’m betting you’d rather quit now and not have diabete’s then quit when you do have diabete’s.

  • MikeThe ProGamerHD says:

    Lies? you just do the drug coke thats why you look emo

  • falconx150 says:

    hi lucy? hope your well

  • Adam Javier says:

    Hot shower? to induce sleep…

  • Adam Javier says:

    5. try to sleep as much as you can for the first week or 2, just to relieve the feeling of lousyness and procastination. A? warm milk and a hot short helps induce sleep.
    Good Luck,
    Adam (from Madrid, Spain:)

  • Adam Javier says:

    Thanks for the video. You stomach ache is very inspiring. I would also like to share with you a good way to bit the addiction:
    1. memorize in your mind all the bad effects of coke
    2. picture yourself free from? your addiction and its benifits
    3. find a good substitute like other drinks. it will help you on the first hardest weeks.
    4.find as many people as you can and let them now that you are going to stop drinking coke. helps relief your anxiety.

  • Adam Javier says:

    Hi Lucy! Yes, I’m a Coca-light addict for a about 2 or 3 years now. Right now, I got 4 liter beside me. I tried to stop but every time I get anxious, lonely, lazy or simply bored I always fall back to drinking coke light. I starting to have a bit of stomack aches and I’m really getting worried. Its true its not easy to give up,but It’s not imposible. I was? abble to stop drinking coffee for good and I do believe I’ll also believe I could stop drinking Diet Coke.

  • kaetlyn mitchell says:

    coke? cola is fine but not to much

  • crazykissy1869 says:

    I am addicted? to. Coke.a cola too

  • Wooby DayzFan says:

    lool i drink 2? lit a day or more ;x and i am only 14 lol and i cant stop it

  • julzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Coca Cola? addiction…. Kinda gay. Try slurpees…. Just like methadone for coca Cola addicts

  • lucy sposaro says:

    look since this video in tried and i actually did well but i went through bad withdrawls over 2 weeks its only now again i have a can every 2-3 days simetimes i dont but i drink heaps of water now…i got a new chaneel and a new? video about it…if u click the last uploaded video there is a link to my new channel

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